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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In a Hurry?

Seems the pumpkins are in a hurry to be carved or eaten, not sure which at this point.  They are quickly turning orange and I, the goat herder, egg gatherer, bean picker, and garden decorator, hummm, Jill of all things homesteading, but Matron of none, am not sure how to progress with this little beauties. Got some web searching to do.  I am planning on canning pumpkin pie filling for the obvious PIES, but also for bread, cookies and maybe even brownies. I'm thinking strongly and  probably much too hard and long on a pumpkin brownie recipe. You know probably more than I do about types of brownies, but in my limited knowledge there are fudge, cake, and even the blondies.  So I've decided to name mine "Jackies". :>)  Another future project for this old gal to figure out. 

I've got the most beautiful daylilies blooming. They are a real weakness of mine and have been ever since I was in the Lufkin Hemerocallis Society.  It was great fun and a sinful indulgence for me to visit those vast day lily farms on our excursions, because I would spend funds needed at  home on the next color of daylily. LOL  So I got a stronghold on it and have just in the last two years allowed myself the luxury of buying some more varieties to add to my line-up.  Warning: Lots of photos below!

Yeppers! I snuck in that hydrangea photo.  Made you look!  LOL  I have one hydrangea that has 3 colors of blooms on it.  Very unusual since I've not added anything to the soil around it.  I love drying them and using them in arrangements here and there throughout the house.  They keep their color so well when dried.

Today is hot hot and more hot!  I tried working outside for a bit, but it was just too hot. Good time to add photos to the blog I thought as I turned a fan on high.  :>)  Before it got too hot this morning, I picked another dishpan of Cherokee Trail of Tears beans to make bean pico de gallo or relish. I guess it could be called just about anything. I blanched the beans which turn a gorgeous purple hue and then cooled them off with cold ice water, then let them drain.  While they were draining, I diced up 3 of our homegrown Mammoth Jalapeno peppers, 1/2 a purple onion, a large tomato, and 1/2 a can of black olives.  It's good on just about anything. We are going to top some of our remaining gourmet lettuce from the cold frame beds.  The dogs didn't destroy all the lettuce thank goodness. Since they are so good at laying in the raised beds, I've collected up all my garden trowels and forks and stuck them in every available 'dogie lounge' in the beds. So far it's working.

Sounds are coming from my tummy. It must be lunch time!  Getting dirty makes me hungry. :>)))

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