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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just KIDding...

Wow! I forgot how much fun a passle of new goat kids could be. So far there are five and their energy level is only something I could dream of.  Seemingly I can't get anything done for watching their antics on the balance beam, games of follow the leader, and then I do believe they are playing donkey kong.  It's got to be a game about donkeys because they are standing still and all of a sudden they throw their back legs straight out. I fully expect to hear a 'heeehawww' any day now.

Monday was the day for disbudding their horns.  I hate disbudding day!!, but it has to be done to not only protect them but me too.  Gave all of them a booster shot to ward off illness and gave them a big heaping dose of hugs and kisses.  I've decided on keeping the 4th generation Mini Nubians, Shiloh and Tobie. I didn't have to talk to myself much to say Yes.  :>)  I will start everyone on their coccidiosis treatments at 3 wks of age. With our land being so wet all the time, I have to use every precautionary measure to insure they stay healthy.  I wish that only organic and holistic methods worked for me, but sometimes at my best effort I can't justify my wanting to stay stictly organic with my goat friends having worm levels that make them unhealthy.  I worm with the 'nasty' stuff 2x's per year and in between I use Molly's Herbal wormers.  However, I do have one specific fenced in area that they are put in after they have had their medicine so as to keep it off the other areas.  Can I be forgiven now?! :>)

I get to pick Cherokee Trail of Tears beans tomorrow. That's exciting!  The baby pumpkins are really growing. I can almost see them growing while I'm bent down to see how they are doing.  I sure hope the wild bunnies don't like them. So far I think the wild bunnies like to eat the food the tame bunnies throw out because I can't find any signs thru the years of them bothing anything.  They are nice neighbors it seems. I sure love seeing them scamper when we drive in at night from church.  Especially the babies.  I guess I'm a baby lover. Baby anything gives me that warm fuzzy feeling.  Reidel and I have been so busy we having gotten to plant anything else. The corn needs to be planted pronto.  The best field of corn we ever grew was the one planted in June. Three hundred sixty plus ears of corn were harvested.  So it's not too late to plant corn here in this swamp. LOL  The eggplant is looking so beautiful and looks promising. I think maybe I'm watching it too closely.  A watched eggplant doesn't grow or some such foolishness as that is happening.

In picking up a farm journal at the feed store today, I found an article about using wastewater biosolids and turning them into compost. HUH?  The guy said he knew it was natural because there were butterflies, lizards, and bees frequented the veggies.  Holy smokes! Before I even knew anything about organic, we grew everything with commercial fertilizers and we had butterflies, lizards, and bees.  I guess I'm being petty, but that has nothing to do with your method of growing things is natural. Does he ever stop to think of what was in that fecal matter that he is turning into compost???  It has to be tested for pathogens!!!  IF we have to test to see if pathogens are in what we are using doesn't it stand to reason that something smells like the south end of a north bound mule???!!! Sometimes it just escapes my pea brain how people can try to sell things as natural and organic when they don't seem to know their way around a wet paper sack.  Yea, the plants look devine, but think about what their little 'feet' are standing in! Forgive me my ranting.  I just have an aversion to using human waste as fertilizer.  It's done in foreign countries, but nope, not going to happen here on my farm. I've said my piece and I've counted to three.

This is the week before Mother's Day, so I'm working 3 days extra at the flower shop to help out.  I can't wait for you to see the berries we picked on Tuesday, but that post will have to wait for another day.  Until then, get down and get dirty... ya know what comes next... GROW something!

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