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Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Berry Pickin' Day

It was a berry good day today!  I didn't realize that my wild berry patch had produced so well.  Reidel and I picked for quite awhile... well until I had to lay down to pick the last batch. :>)  It's back breaking work, but well worth it to have that delicious pie later for supper. I make the pie crust pie in that I layer a crust, then berries, then crust, then berries... you get the picture. Each layer of crust is browned before adding more berries, then the last pie crust is brushed with real butter and then sprinkled with sugar. Personally, I like the dumpling berry cobblers, but since this is Reidel's favorite that's what I make. After all, I would have mowed down those prickly berry vines years ago, but he saw the benefit of having them so talked me out of it.  Now I'm glad. Sometimes husbands do know best ladies. LOL  Case in point, I wanted this barn/house to have the garage facing the street.  The hubster said he'd rather the garage be at the back so no one could see if we were home or not. So I agreed. I love it!! We can sit out on the driveway and watch the sunset and believe me they are beautiful almost every night.

Picking the berries was fun. I tested out the theory that 'drinking fresh goat's milk that the goats had eaten poison ivy vines thereby offsetting my extreme allergy to poison ivy'... worked!  There was the dreaded vines all in with the berries and not one blister did I have afterwards. I'm a happy camper or I should say berry picker. There's so many benefits to a fresh organic life that I don't understand why everyone doesn't want to live that way. :>)
Ahhh, the pie.  Now that's a work of art.  Brings back so many memories of being at my Granny's house.  Funny how a smell or taste can suddenly hurl one back to long ago. 

If you can't get dirty today... go berry picking! You'll have lovely purple fingers.

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