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Friday, September 16, 2011

Four Toad Summer

We've decided, after seeing 4 toads in the goats watering trough, that it is a 'Four Toad Summer'.  The drought has made raising veggies, tending to animals, and fishing in our pond difficult and on the verge of impossible. But... we've preservered and managed to put away a few veggies and now that the pond has become so low on water that the pump won't supply enough oxygen to the fish, we've begun harvesting the two year old catfish.  Although we will enjoy eating the fish, it's sad to see them grow so large and not reach their full potential. I imagined myself hauling out a 6lb+ catfish one summer and having a photo to go into my scrapbook.

Since all the plants have long since died or in the drought phase of drying up, we are putting our energy (did I actually say energy???!!!) ahhh, excuse me, our spare time into working on the barn to get some things finished.  Reidel only lacks two drawers having all the kitchen cabinets finished. I'm so tickled to finally see an end to all those dishes staring me in the face. After 10 yrs of waiting, this hurdle cleared is a special one.

My son fell and broke his ankle and since he doesn't have insurance it's going to be a long haul I'm afraid. It's a shame I can't loan him my insurance. :>)  Alas, that's not how it works in the real world.  I have no idea how they will make it financially, but I do know a great big God that is full of mercy and miracles.  We will have to trust that He and whomever He moves on to help will work it all out.  I'm just glad today to be able to say I know Him in His glory and know that His miracles are still ever present in this time.  I give God all the honor, praise, and worship for His mighty works. I'm so glad He calls me friend.

Reidel and I are finishing up a birdhouse order, so I will post those photos when it's finished.  Seems this is the year of the big birdhouse. :>)  Of course now I want one for myself. Isn't it funny how we see something someone else has and it makes us want one?!  I sure wish that would happen to me when I see someone's clean house!!! LOL  

Ok, that's all for this time. Remember to get down and get dirty even if it's to color a get well banner with your granddaughters. :>)  It was much fun! 

Prim Blessings from Plumrose Cottage!

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