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Monday, March 26, 2012

New 2012 Babies!!!

We've been really busy here on the farm the last few weeks.  The first doe had twins that wasn't even suppose to be bred. They were born dead. Sad but for the best I'm sure.  Then the second doe had twin bucks... awww no girls! The third doe had quads, all girls, but they were born dead.  I was really getting a depressed feeling coming on, but two days later, Nell had triplets ... all girls!!! Today another doe had triplets, 2 bucks and 1 doe. They are Nigerian Dwarf so they are tiny! I just love having all the babies to watch and cuddle with. I am milking Sweetie Pie who lost her quads and she's taking to the milkstand so nicely. She's a stately looking doe and has salt and pepper curly hair. I hope she has a better year next season.  It felt like my heart was going to break when I saw those gorgeous little quad does laying on the ground not alive. But the good Lord knows what He's doing and I can't question what happens especially when we haven't done anything different that could cause such tragedy.

Annah and her twins, Oreo and Britches. 3rd generation Mini Nubians.

Nell's triplets, Ari, Atti, and Api.  (Arithemea, Attalia, and Apollonia) 4th generation Mini Nubians.

Mocha's triplets, Michael (front), Gabriel (middle), and Angelea (at back, her other side almost has a heart on it).  (names for Archangels and a spin-off of angel) We will wether Gabriel so he will always be a pet for the 3 granddaughers. They are full blood Nigerian Dwarf.

So Plumrose Cottage has come full circle even though it's not completed.  It is a bonafide milk house now. Just wish it had the sink put in. :>)  well, and the refrigerator, ahhh, and the table, the cabinets, LOL.

I could say it was just another day at the farm, but I'm going to have to say it was a wonderful special day here on the farm. For you see, this is the first year since we began the farm (11 yrs ago) that we've had anything but singles and twins born. I'm feeling blessed beyond measure even though there were some downs along the way.  God is good!

Take Joy!

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