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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just Before the Storm...

We had an eventful night last night with a sudden storm, high winds, and a scary moment or two when the weatherman said take shelter in a hallway.  This rarely happens here in our neck of the woods, but it was short lived and over w/in 30 minutes and we were back to our rat killin' as my Granny use to say.  I had gone out earlier and picked a 'mess' of collard greens, our first of the growing season.  Everyone says they like them better after a frost falls on them, but my husband and I love them a bit chewy so now is the time for us to get our fill of collards. 

No, you are not seeing double! I was playing around with Paint Shop Pro, got a double text image on there and couldn't get it off. LOL  So, other than that, aren't those collard good looking?!  I love to gather garden faire using my old antique baskets and sometimes when the weather is right for it, I wear the 1800's clothing to gather it in.  Yea, I know, I'm a mixed up puppy. I love anything to do with the 1800's, but please don't take my air conditioning away from me or my electric range.  Maybe I should state that I love to "play" at doing things from the 1800's. That's a truer statement.  On the menu tonight is homegrown collards, cream peas, squash and boughten sausage. (homegrown meat is still in the future except chickens)  Gives me that warm fuzzy feeling to be eating so well tonight from our own land and know that it's organic.

Today I had to go out and tape up one of Nell's (4th generation Mini Nubian) teats because both her babies were nursing off one side.  They'll discover the other teat tonight when they get hungry and then that foolishness will be over hopefully.  Isn't that life tho? Nothing is as easy as it looks on paper. There's always a Plan B to be maneuvered to, a fork in the road less traveled, and then when you think you've got it whipped into shape, the bottom drops out.  Ain't life grand?!  It's definitely not boring around here for sure.  Nell's twins are named Tobie (buck) and Shiloh (doe).

This photo was taken right after they were born. The little buckskin colored one is the doe. Nell was the first doe I ever had that never layed down to kid.  She never even uttered (uddered? lol) a sound with both kids. She's a real trooper.  Her kids are considered 4th generation Mini Nubians.  I'm so proud of them!  I don't know if I will keep the buck or not. Most likely will talk myself into it. :>) Sire is Ronnie Jo4Sho, we call him Joey. 

I'm due to eat supper now (dinner to you city folks) so I'll catch you later.  Remember to get down and get dirty... grow something! Anything!

1800 Blessings~ Wanda

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