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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Has Sprung... a leak!

I've been a busy girl to say the least.  That old adage 'too many irons in the fire' is gaining ground on me and just about to bite me in the seat of the pants or skirt I should say.  I've been busy with my primitive doll making business, but as Granny said, I'm slow as cream arisin'.  Gardening is done in dollops of time since it's been such a rainy Spring here in East Texas.  Although it makes everything looks so clean and new I must add that the crawfish are working over-time and that leads to me working over-time trying to keep them at bay.  They are making mega mounds this year for some unknown reason. If the mound size was according to crawfish size there are some monsters out there!!!

We are building a little cottage for the granddaughters now. They have named it the PolkaDot Cottage so you can guess  how the outside will be painted. LOL  They are so excited. Abigail has formed the PolkaDot Girls Club and has graciously allowed me to be a member (I guess I have pull since I know the cottage builder aka Papaw) so I have offered to design our club uniforms. What else? PolkaDot t-shirts to match the Pink w/Lime dot color scheme. I'll have them this weekend so we will be working on it. Sarah and Elizabeth work equally as hard all be it with more giggles.

Posting just a few photos of my petunia collection this Spring. I do love petunias. I've planted so much more, but these beauties are the first to share their abundant blooms with me.
Pure white in an old whiskey barrel planter makes me smile every time I walk by.  Isn't that what flowers are for... to make us smile?! 

This barrel is right beside the kitchen garden and that makes me love to work in the kitchen bed no matter if I'm weeding around the edge or harvesting something from the garden. Purple!!! oh my, one of my favorite colors don't you know!

Now these mini petunias are something new for me. I saw them first at a nursing home I do the program at on Thursdays. I knew when I saw them I had to have some just like them. You'll notice the rock in the pot with them. I'm a rock fanatic and try to use what I've found anywhere I can.  That rock happen to come from Colorado. Don't tell them please! LOL It called to me as I was walking by a stream. Funny how rocks seem to know my name.

Yea, I know this is not flowers, but my darling sweetheart of a husband made it for me and I just love it. I have it out by the petrified rocks in the front yard (which I haven't planted anything around yet... soon!) and I know it looks lonely, but just you wait until I can get the black-eyed Susan vine growing on it.  It will be marvelous. 

It's time to get back to my little prim bunnie dolls to put on eBay, so I'll bid you bye for now.  See ya soon.

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