Well, Hello There!

I'm so glad you came to visit my cottage.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wow! I'm finally here in the land of Blog.

I sure hope I get to stay while.  I started my cottage over a year ago and was documenting it's progress, but then my blog disappeared. So starting over with a rewed resolve that this blog thing is not going to whooop me!

I've only got a sample photo of the cottage right now because frankly all the building materials are stacked around it.  It looks quite junky so I'm waiting for the porch to be added on before I take the 'actual' photo to put on here.  Stay tuned as they say in tv land. 

We went to pick up some salvaged kitchen cabinets to go on the inside. I'm quite excited about that.  Won't be a perfect fit, but is doable... isn't that what salvage is all about?!  Since the cottage will be used for a milking (goat) house, canning house, craft cottage, and just all around get away, anything free suits me to a 'T'. 

Color scheme: the plum is called succulent.  Ain't it the truth! I've always loved purple, my favorite flower is the rose, and it's a cottage. Simple huh?  and oh so fun. It's a joy to go out there now. 

I'll post later when I have more time.  See ya soon!